How can a landscape designer help you?
Despite the experience in the profession for more than 10 years, my friends still ask questions such as: "What do you do? What are the specifics of working as a landscape designer?"

In this article I will mention the TOP 5 in-demand services that customers contact me for
  • 1
    Landscape project
    Development of a planning solution for the area. Linking the design idea with the engineering and construction part. Detailed calculation of plants and materials.
  • 2
    Author's supervision
    Support service for the design of the project during its implementation. The service includes answers to questions about design projects and checking the result of the work performed, without a technical control.
  • 3
    Complete set (purchase of necessary materials)
    The Contractor maintains an open pricing policy on favorable terms for the Customer. The service includes:

    - Advising the Client on procurement issues.
    - Implementation of control over the purchases made, as part of the control, the conformity of the purchased items required by the project is verified.
    - Search for places to purchase materials.
    - Recommendations for choosing suppliers.
    - Accompaniment during the purchase. Price comparison and monitoring.

  • 4
    Construction management
    Implementation of control over the production process, starting with the selection of the contractor and ending with the transfer of the object to the Customer. Includes:

    - Cooperation with contractors: meetings, negotiations, preparation of technical specifications with contractors and their adjustment within the boundaries agreed with the Customer.
    - Drawing up schedules for the order and delivery of materials and the start of teams to work.
    - Assistance in concluding deals with suppliers, negotiating conditions.
    - Identification of defective items, support for the elimination of complaints.
    - Replacement of discontinued items without violating the design.
    - Recommendations for the care, operation and installation of individual items.
    - Maintenance and monitoring of tables and specifications, payment orders, receipts, coordinates of suppliers and contact persons.

  • 5
    Consultation is the shortest way to solve problems based on many years of experience. For customers who have already fully thought out the plan of their location, and want to get an instant solution to the task, instead of wasting time searching for an answer on the Internet.
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