Prices in landscape design
Most often, a customer turn to a landscape designer in order to know the price of the garden implementation.
Any price discussion while there is no project is an uncertainty. It is because of the project that the areas of coatings, the number of plants, etc. become clear. When all the necessary calculations and dimensions are clear and understandable, contractors and suppliers make a commercial offer indicating the price for work and materials in accordance with the volume required for the project.

Is it possible to determine an approximate budget? It is possible. Let's look at the percentage ratio.
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The project determines the budget. Because different design solutions, laid down at the design stage, can be budgetary or expensive to implement. And a professional landscape designer will always request about the budget before starting the design and notify you at the sketch stage about how different ideas will affect the final cost of implementing a turnkey garden.
By developing a landscape design for you, I project solutions that you can easily implement in accordance with your budget. To calculate the cost of your project, sign up for a free 20-minute consultation
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