Green investments
How to improve the area profitably and increase the real property value through landscape design.
The cost of suburban real estate is growing steadily. This is facilitated by various forms of objects for any budget and request: duplexes, townhouses, cottages, villas, mansions, residences, lanehouses, etc.
По данным Циан Аналитики
Anyone who has ever bought an apartment in their life knows that the cost of housing in complexes with landscaped areas is higher. And if there is also a single design concept, then this is most likely a comfort class house. The same is true with suburban real estate.
If we look at the cost of planting material in the garden center, we will see that a small seedling is significantly cheaper, and a taller one is more expensive.

For example, for the position of the popular Western Tui plant, the price differs for a unit with a height of 180-200 cm 45.10 pounds, and for a height of 100-120 cm 11.35 pounds. And we compared this on the example of one piece. Can you imagine what a huge difference in the budget for the purchase of planting material for the whole area?

Of course, the presence of tall plants affects the area cost.
In order to profitably equip the area and quickly get the desired green oasis, the optimal solution is to make a landscape project immediately after the house project is ready, because the garden is a continuation of the house and the architectural and landscape ensemble in the same style looks harmonious. With the help of the project, you will know where and what plants can be planted in advance so that they rise in price already on your area.
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